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(241)Germania occults UCAC4 548-037935

Within his regular predictions by Steve Preston asteroid (241)Germania occults ~12mag star UCAC4 548-037935.
Under moderate weather conditions I tried to observe this occultation event using the T1T @Michael Adrian Observatory / Astronomie Stiftung Trebur.

Predicted path for occultation region - Trebur between Darmstadt and Mainz is pretty within expected occultation zone.

April 18th, 2014 19:39 - 20:25 UT
Image Source DMK & 1200/5500mm Michael Adrian Observatory / Astronomie Stiftung Trebur
Filter: L, Exposuretime 300ms binning = 1

Above shown is the movement of (241)Germania towards the target star. Total FOV is 127" x 84".
The bright saturated stars are at a distance of 16". (241)Germania looks to be good on track.
Roughly 30min before occultation event upcoming clouds covers FOV and stay during the whole predicted event time - bad luck.