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Supernove SN2017eaw discovered through TNS (Transient Name Server) by Patrick Wiggins on May 14th, 2017. 

In this case it's real that the SN is IN NGC 6946, a face on sprial located in the constellation Kepheus. The path to this galaxy is close to the galactic plane. If we would take an colored image, we would detect, that the galaxy is significantly redished, because of the high extinktion. Driven by that, the distance is not well known and different sources of information reports values for the distance between 4 and 10 kpc. 

The funny thing is, this galaxy is the one with most detected supernove in the last 100 years. Meanwhile 10 massive stars ended their life through a supernova explosion. (--> Wikipdia).  If you compare this to our galaxy, which is thought to have doubled number of stars and expecting currently 1 SN / century , you can understand why this one is named a starburst galaxy - also sometimes named "Fireworks-Galaxy".

(Click on image for larger version)

Image taken May 21th, 2017 00:10 UT at Friesenheimer Lichteimer / Selztal-Observatory , RGB-Red:1x600s with STL 11000M. No special image processing applied.

Inspection of the image shows that the SuperNovae is "overexposed" and saturated, therefore this one can not be used for photometric measurement of the brightness. Even, if I lower the exposure time to 120s, still saturated. I guess next time I will try something between 60-90s. 

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