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First light on ASA-DDM85...

One striking feature of the DDM85 is to allow medium time exposures without additional tracking devices. So I started a first test to find out, if this works as expected. For this purpose I performed a pointing file with the minimum of stars required (4) to calculated and correct the misalligned north/south and height of the RA-axis. After activation of the pointing file, I checked aboslute pointing first. It turns out that a move from Acturus to Denebola works perfect on a 2-3 arcsec level. Next topic was a simple test of a medium time exposure without any additional tracking. Below you see NGC 4565 done @ exposure time of 5min using 150/1370mm Refractor. Stars close to optical axis have still a good circular shape - stars closer to the edge are mostlikely elongated driven by the limited quality of the optics. On a 20min exposure stars shape looks uncircular. I assume it will be possible to have 20min exposures without guiding after improvement of my setup in terms of mount allignment and/or larger pointingfiles.