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First Light - but...

The good news is: I can get my STL into focus.
The other news are:
after having the tube mounted on the DDM85 first tests indicates clearly whats a real big difference having a 6 inch / 1350mm with roughly 10kg refractor mounted or a 20 inch/2150mm newton - even in light weight setup - ~42kg. ASA direct drive mounts a very sensitive on overall balance - and what's exact my current challange - it's not so easy. Therefore pointing and tracking is not working well as long as the perfect balance is not found. This will take definitive much more time. Exposuretimes are currently VERY limited.
Below you find my first images. Some comments:
Moon: - please note that the optics still not aligned and it's a newton without corrector - (the choice of the corrector is not yet made. It will be an ASA or a Pancorr). Futhermore, the SBIG STL 11000M is NOT the best camera for planetary imaging. Driven by the diameter of the optics, I was forced to use an H-alpha filter in order to bring the exposure time into a range that the SBIG can handle -> 50ms. Bright side of the moon on the right is slightly overexposured.
M27: Exposure 5 seconds, L chanal. Minor image processing to flat the background. I made - the well known - experience that an open tube is sensitive the surrounding light.