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Further pieces arrives...

This is how a ASA DDM85 will be delivered. ASA states that this mount is transportable. Well considering that the heaviest part has a weight of 39kg. Overall weight - incl. counterweights ~110kg. This statement is in princple true - but it's not an easy business to get this tranported and up to work - however, I will use this mount stationary.
So next steps will be to setup the aequatorial pier and test operation. I use for that purpose my 150/1370mm Refractor which was not in use for a long time.

Knowing that this kind of setup looks to be more sensitive to oscillations - I selected it in order to avoid pier flips. This is mandatory to alow time series observation of EXO planetes as well for light curves produced by asteroid rotations. I've to find out, if such kind of potential oscillations are important and if yes, about ways to reduce them.