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GAIA Alerts

Working on GAIA Photometric Alerts

Within the GAIA Science Alert project (GSA) teams a searching for transient events in the data of GAIA. 
A transient event is anything in the sky which appear, changes or disapears. There is a website available which publishs transient alerts in real time: 

Within this section I like to show up with some photometric observation I've performed during the last time. This page will be update as more measurements are available. 


(Click on image for larger version)

GAIA Alert:    GAIA16blg

Image taken June 16th, 2017 00:23:00 UT using the COAST Telescope @ Tenerife facilitated by the The Open University imaging details on the enlarge image section. 

This just a single image out of B,V,R Johnson Filter set. 180s. As I'm gathering more images I'll combine them - I would espect that the quality of the image is going to improve with the number of combined images. 


In addition as I'm gathering more images, I setup a long  term light curve of this object for potential transient events as like below in two or more colors. The grafs will be updated as more data point are available. 

light_curve_johnson_r-1.jpg              light_curve_johnson_v.jpg  light_curve_johnson_v-r-1.jpg?nc=10

(We acknowledge ESA Gaia, DPAC and the Photometric Science Alerts Team (