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Inside the Pelican

In the last year, I started to work together with a team @ University of Kent monitoring Young Stellar Object (YSO) for outbursts. This objects are located close to famous starformation regions. I wasn't aware that the Pelican Nebula belongs to them.

The real funny thing in this projects is: while we are monitoring, we are taking more a more - in most cases - single images in the filters needed. Beside a light curve over several weeks, months or even years, we can stack all images - and / or combine the filtered to a nice more deeper image as time goes by and observation proceeds.

This one from the pelican nebula is a first one - filtered in RGB-R because the ONE object of interest in this hundreds of stars in significantly reddened. Lets see how it develops in terms of quality as well for a lightcurve.

(Click on image for larger version)

Image taken May 21th, 2017 52:00 UT at Friesenheimer Lichteimer / Selztal-Observatory  - Imaging details on the enlarge image section.

Because of size of this nebula, a focus length of ~ 2000mm might not be the "very best" choice for imaging this object. - I guess a mosaic have to be done next.