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Low Resolution Spectrum of M42

In order to understand which kind of objects can be observed, I try to find out what is the limiting magnetudes for the LHiRes III. To improve the sensitivity I ordered a 150 lines / mm grid which has been used with a 100m slit. Attached please find a spectra of M42 (together with one star of the central Trapez -Region)

The spectra has been taking using the telescopes of the Hans Ludwig Neuman Sternwarte. This observatory is operated by the Physikalischer Verein

A wavelength calibration has not been performed and is in this particular case not required. H-Alpha is the dominating line located as pixel 585. As well O [iii][ is located at pixel 318. A flux-calibration has also not yet been performed. This has a direct impact on the lineratios. 


RAW Spectra of Orion Nebula (M42) 


November 28th, 2020

LHiRes III @ 60cm Cassegrain /
Hans Ludwig Neumann Observatory

150 lines /mm & 100µ slit

CCD ST8 - bin=2 

Exposure 60s


Furthermore lines can be found: 


311       O[iii]
293       H-Beta
204       Hg (?)
467       He I
542       O I & S[III]
605       He I
614       S [ii]
671       H I
683       Ar [III]
715       O [ii]

Other spectra meanwhile obtained are stored on: Pandora Spectra