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OT Gem

OT Gem is identified as a B-Star with emission lines:  Be. With a magnitude of approx 6.5 it's a more challanging object for small slit size. Current observation has been performed with a 23mue split in binning equal 2 setting.

Below you will find some spectra for H-Alpha and H-Betahd58080_20200405_b2_h-alpha_6x1200s_dark

RAW data for spectrum of HD 58080, H-Alpha


Date/Time [UT] April 05th, 2020 / 19:56
Instrument Newton 510/2030mm extended to f=5380mm; LHiRes III; Slit 23µ
Exposure 5x1200s
Data Processing Maxim DL & ESO MIDAS