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SN 2018gv


SN 2018gv has been discovered by Koichi Itagaki @ January 15th, 2018 16:21:06 UT in NGC 2525 with a brightness of 16.5 mag. 

NGC 2525 with 2018gv @ March 08th, 2018 using the COAST (CelestronC11) Telescope owned by the "The Open University" Facility @ Tenerife.

180s exposure time, STL 1001E, Johnson V Filter 


At the bottom right, an image from the DSS-Red for comparison.

NGC 2525 is a barred sprial galaxy hubble type SBc located in the constellation Puppis between Canis Majoris & Hydra. The visual brightness is about V: 11.6 mag with a appearent size of 3x2 arcminutes corresponding to a real size of ~ 16000pc / 53000 Lj according the distance of ~ 19 mil Mpc / 66MLj. 

Collection of my observations on Super Novae can be found here.