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The Mount is back ...

A more detailed investigation and discussion with the Phillip Keller lead to the conclusion that my potential issue in the DK-axis is driven by a technical issue in the DK-engine-control. After getting the mount back from ASA the whole setup procedure has to be repeated. Meanwhile I'm getting certain experience with this procedure.

First action - at daylight - was checking the movement in both axis. Because of my special "prototype-setup" full slew speed is not yet possible. At higher speed ozillations prevent normal operation. To improve the stability of my setup is subject of further acitivites. However at slow slew speeds things working well - so I can start to work.

So next step was to create a new pointing file. Driven by current weather conditions, I limited the pointfile to the lowest amount of star required = 4. During the night of December 07th, 2015 some hours could be used before the fog ended the session. It was possible to check pointing to some extend and retry tacking. Pointing is not perfect, but moving from on object to next in range of 45 degrees is good enough that the target object is hitted by accuracy of ~ 5arcmin. So jumping from one target to the next is possible. And if I step carefully from one to next - it should be possible even to use a DMK with a much smaller FOV to step in to the observation of star occultation performed by astroids or TNO's

A first image to check simple unguided tracking is shown below. Please not that the optics is not yet aligned. There is a unsymmetric vignetting and the opical axis looks be close to the upper limb of the image. To correct this alignment of the optical components a simple laser is ordered and expected to be delivered soon. Remember it's currently a Newton without corrector, so having coma at stars not close to the optical axis is quite normal for a f/4.15 system. I was not able to perform a flat.

NGC 1342 December 07th, 2015
STL11000M @ 510/2150mm Newton without corrector
Luminance @ 1x30s, pixelsize 18mue
Orientation: North->right, East->up.
(klick on image for FullHD resolution (if available) - shown in a separate tab)