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visting Jupiter

After having not good weather conditions during winter - spring time offers a few nights.
This time I, tried to improve my experience doing images from our planets.

After some less successful observations of Jupiter, it looks like this time better.
I tried video streams in several color channels - best results received by using Red Filter. Using DMK 21 in ocular projection setup FOV (1.6x1.2 arc min) was even smaller than within prime focus. My - meanwhile - good alignment of the mount helps to hit Jupiter right from the beginning. Effective focus length is not yet calculated.

Left below the center famous red spot can be identified. The black spot above the center is the shadow of Ganymed. Ganymed himself can been seen at the upper right corner. Please note Ganymed is not seen as a point source anymore. It's diameter of 1.5 arc sec is covered by 10 pixel - so starting getting it disk resolved. Looking on the Jupiters disk - smallest structures are in the range of 2 pixels which is pretty close to the optical limit of a 20 Inch Newton.

In addition, I tried also the remaining color channels. Using blue filter (requires more longer exposure times) let the red spot seen even more darker. Unfortunately creates green filter somehow more scattered light - cleaning required. I combined the color channels using derotation functionality of WinJUPOS - thanks to Grischa Hahn. However the colored image of Jupiter has clearly room for improvement. Long story short - I was not expecting such images - next time, I will stay longer on Jupiter and not only for one hour.

Jupiter April 28th, 2016
DMK 21@ 510/2150mm Newton - ocular projection
17ms - accumlated out of Videostream
Orientation: North->up, West->right.
(klick on image for small animation - shown in a separate tab)